Personal Finance Management

Organize and Manage Financial Affairs

Conservator, Gaurdian, and Probate Administration

Carry Out Clients Wishes When They Leave a Will or Trust

Trust & Estate Management

Financial and Durable Power of Attorney

Optimize Benefits

Maximize utilization of community and state benefits

Trust, Estate And Personal Financial Management

Professional fiduciaries are licensed and regulated by the state of California, Department of Consumer Affairs, professional fiduciaries Bureau.

Our Services

  • Personal Finance Management

    • bill pay Banking and cash flow management
    •  organize and manage financial affairs
    •  representative payee
    • Maximize utilization of community and state benefits
  • Conservator & Guardian

  • Healthcare Management of Person

  • Probate Administration

  • Financial and/or Durable Power of Attorney

  • Personal Fiduciary

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White Plume Freedom Fiduciary

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Why Choose White Plume of Freedom

Conservator / Guardian of person

Financial and/or durable power of attorney

Probate Administration

Healthcare Management of person

Personal Finance Management

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